James Blake rails against current dubstep scene

DJ Harvey- Throwdown (Com Truise Remix)

James Blake recently made some comments about the state of the developing dubstep scene in the U.S., hinting that he's bummed on how testosterone-fuelled it seems to be.

“I think the dubstep that has come over to the US, and certain producers-- who I can't even be bothered naming-- have definitely hit upon a sort of frat-boy market where there's this macho-ism being reflected in the sounds and the way the music makes you feel. And to me, that is a million miles away from where dubstep started. It's a million miles away from the ethos of it. It's been influenced so much by electro and rave, into who can make the dirtiest, filthiest bass sound, almost like a pissing competition, and that's not really necessary. And I just think that largely that is not going to appeal to women. I find that whole side of things to be pretty frustrating, because that is a direct misrepresentation of the sound as far as I'm concerned.” via The Boston Poenix

Maybe he thought about Korn aligning themselves to the dubstep genre , the band announces a new album, The Path of Totality, produced by dubstep makers like Skrillex, Excision, Datsik, Noisia, Kill the Noise, and 12th Planet. A tracklist has yet to be revealed, but some hilariously bleak songs titles set to appear on the album include "Narcissistic Cannibal," "Burn the Obedient," "Illuminati," "Kill Mercy Within" and "Chaos Lives in Everything."

You can get a taste of what's to come on The Path of Totality via the video for Skrillex collab "Get Up" down below , if you like James Blake we recommend this live video taken at The Music Box last week.